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Blackheart is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as an adversary to the superhero.

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The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators 1 2003/11 PSR $0.99; BkCr: ManEd-David Bogart E-i-C-Joe Quesada ArtDir-Jeffrey Suter Pres-Bill Jemas Marketing Communications Manager-Michael Doran

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Master Comic List : G-L - Top Shelf this is a list of comics book titles available at Top Shelf Comics

5 Re: Hellstorm Son of Satan 1 Trade Paperback Library This page charts out the full library of Marvel Essentials, the line of super-sized black and white reprints, including links to feature page resources for each book.

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The Toothless Tiger in the Face of Mystery Babylon | E.T.P. 30 thoughts on “ The Toothless Tiger in the Face of Mystery Babylon ” AryanWolf88 August 5, 2017 at 00:05. After coming back from a hard day’s work.

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D.O.A. (Department of Occult Armaments, Nightstalkers. D.O.A. (Department of Occult Armaments) Membership: Malpractice (Josef Pohlmann) (current leader), Atua-Thaugul, Bestial, Blackout, Chimera, the Confessor, Julia.

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List of Marvel Characters - The Lists Marvel owns a number of well known fictional comic book characters, many of which super heros, which are considered to be a part of a single fictional Marvel Universe.